Recycling, Compost & Energy Savings



White & Colored Paper
Magazines, Catalogs & Glossy Paper
Envelopes (plastic window OK)
Cardboard & Boxboard
Hard & Soft Covered Books
Notebooks (spirals OK)

(No need to remove staples or plastic wraps)

NO Pizza Boxes, Tissues, Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Cups & Plates

Commingled Containers

#1-7 Plastics
Empty Toner Bottles
Cans (tin, steel, and aluminum)
Glass bottles (aseptic)
Plastic Bottles (aseptic)
Aluminum Foil and Trays
Empty Aerosol Cans
*Paper Juice, Milk & Soy Cartons (aka aseptic)

(*although made of paper, the recycling plant will sort them from glass, metal and plastic)

No Plastic Bags, Film, Styrofoam, Cups/Plates, Rubber, or Very dirty containers

Batteries, Cell Phones, Ink Cartridges

Bins located at the entrance way of Tisch and near stairwell to media lab

Composting (no animal products in compost bins, please)


Uphill: by the Office of Sustainability (key located inside the office)

Downhill: Loading dock, Tisch Library


Hotline: (617) 627-3947

Energy Savings

Reduce your margins. Windows 2007 makes this easy. In Word, select page layout, then margins. See the illustration below.

Reduce printing costs, with helpful examples using Windows 2007. Tips include:

  • Print More than One Page Per Sheet
  • Use Print Preview and Shrink to Fit
  • Only Print the Selection You Need
  • Print Multiple Selections on a Single Page
  • Use Draft Mode as the Default Setting
  • Print to PDF Instead of Paper

Greening your print job from Bill Chameides, dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. Includes tips for printer and computer settings, software programs, using paper wisely and how all these efforts add up to both environmental and economic savings!

A legal way to print money Change the font from the Daily Times.

Reduce unwanted mail, opt-out of catalogs, and remove your name from mailing lists of your choice. Visit Catalog Choice to start today. Note: Laurie Sabol has been very happy with the service she’s received from this site for over two years.

Download Eco Font

Attach a Save Paper signature to your e-mail with Eco Friendly Mail



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    Enter to win by April 15th. Find details here:


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