About Us

Tisch Library Sustainability Team (2009-2015)


After completing the campus Eco Ambassador program in 2009, Tisch reference librarian Laurie Sabol chartered TST here at Tisch Library at Tufts University.  Other members have included Jess Warner, Kris Thompson, Amey Callhan, Carol Ellis, Kate Bronstad, Michael Perriello, Chao Chen, Michael Callahan, Connie Reik and Julie-Ann Bryson.  Each year after that, new member of our team participated in the Eco Ambassador program through the Tufts University Office of Sustainability. Over the years we achieved many great accomplishments, like bringing a second community compost location to campus, switching from bottled Poland Spring water to filtered tap, and instituting a TerraCycle collection program to name a few.  Also, it is now common practice for meeting and event coordinators to suggest that staff “BYOP – Bring your own place settings.” 


Most importantly, we created a culture of sustainability at Tisch Library that is thriving.


Please check out our Projects page for more details and to see some of the things we had going on.  


Due to changes in the team and committee structure at the library, as of late 2015 the Tisch Sustainability team does not exist as it once did.  We are still committed to sustainable practices and some of the library’s employees continue to serve as Eco-Ambassadors at Tufts.  If you’d like information about sustainability at Tufts, please visit the Tufts Office of Sustainability website, and feel free to contact them for more information.



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