• Held a “Plant A Plant” Earth Day Event, April 2015
  • Handed out reusable plates (May 2015) and sporks (Jan 2014) to all staff, to encourage BYOP
  • Hosted a “Treasures and Tchotkes” Swap for library staff, October 2014
  • Created an Earth Day version of the game “Head’s Up” for staff event, April 2014
  • Purchased large bin of reusable place settings for use at events, especially for those with guests from outside of Tisch who aren’t as familiar with BYOP, 2014
  • Participated in Waste Working Group of Tufts Campus Sustainability Council
  • Expanded TerraCycle collection sites
  • Planned Eco-Friendly Author Talk
  • Greening Tisch Events: Yankee Swap and Holiday Party
  • Hosted Eco-Friendly Brown Bag
  • Participated in Green Office Certification on behalf of Tisch: completed April 2012*
  • Designed Earth Day Display in Tisch Lobby,  March 2012
  • Appearance in the book “Entrepreneurial Librarian”, February 2012
  • Held Eco-Friendly Book Contest with Tisch Staff, November 2011
  • Created a streamlined Recycling Center for staff outside of kitchenette, January 2011
  • Added a second indoor compost bin location, September 2010
  • Poland Springs filtered tap water instead of 5 gallon water bottles: completed July 2010
  • Set up a downhill community compost bin,  January 2010
  • The Twelve Green Days of the Holiday Season, December 2009

* Awarded Gold Certification by Office of Sustainability!


Earth Day Event 2





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